Australian Curriculum

Ainslie School is currently using the Australian Curriculum for English, Mathematics, Science, History and Geography. The ACT Every Chance To Learn Curriculum Framework is used for all other learning areas.

The Australian Curriculum describes what young Australians should learn as they progress through schooling. It is the foundation for their future learning, growth and active participation in the Australian community. It sets out essential knowledge, understanding, skills and capabilities and provides a national standard for student achievement in core learning areas. Further information can be obtained by going to the Australian Curriculum website.

The content in the ACT Every Chance to Learn Curriculum Framework's Essential Learning Achievements (ELAs) for English (8, 9, 10, 11), Mathematics (16, 17, 18), Science (19, 20), and History (parts of 21, 22, 23) is now replaced by the content for those subjects in the Australian Curriculum (as above). However, there are several other curriculum areas, P – 6, that will continue to be taught in ACT schools and these will follow Every Chance to Learn, as well as, in preschools, the Early Years Learning Framework. Further information can be obtained from the ACT Education Directorate's website.