Healthy Lifestyle and Sustainability Initiatives

Preschool child holding a chicken

Community Gardens

Ainslie School's P&C Asociation have established two community gardens through grants and fundraising.  This project runs in conjunction with the school's Fresh Tastes program with the vision that fruit and vegetables will be grown within a kitchen garden model. More information can be found on the community garden page.

Little Sprouts Club

This lunchtime club is facilitated once a week to discuss current environmental and sustainability initiatives. This group has led energy and waste audits across the school and annual initiatives like plastic fee July, been involved  with Tree Planting Days, World Environment Day, Walk or ride to School Day and various waste competitions. In addition, recycling stations have been established within classrooms and across outdoor areas of the school.   In the past this group has been responsible for maintaining the existing vegetable patches, establishing a communication strategy across the school about environmental and sustainability issues, growing herb seedlings for the school fete and maintaing compost for the gardens.

Kids Teaching Kids

The Kids Teaching Kids Program promotes positive wellbeing and helps build resilience in young people. It raises awareness and drives action on local and global environmental issues, bringing communities together to solve common challenges and help the next generation of leaders who will take collective responsibility for our future. Ainslie School is a proud participant of this program.

 Photo of the kids teaching kids promotional banner

Fresh Tastes

The Fresh Tastes program recognises that change takes time and that schools will need to take small steps to move towards healthier food and drinks throughout the school environment.

Fresh Tastes actions focus on:

  • food for sale at school, including school canteens
  • implementing healthy food and drink guidelines
  • cooking and growing food
  • classroom learning about good nutrition
  • supporting healthy food from home.

Fresh Tastes is jointly funded by the ACT Government and the Australian Government as part of the National Partnership Agreement on Preventive Health (NPAPH).

photo of preschool children riding bikes

Preschool sustainability initiatives

Both Reid Preschool and Ainslie Baker Gardens Preschool have well developed sustainability intitiatives like composting, chicken farming and recycling. In 2007, Ainslie Baker Gradens won the Education Category of the No Waste Awards as well as a sustainability grant. Further information can be found at Australian Sustainable Schools Initiative - ACT.

Water refill station

Ainslie School has been one of the first schools in the local area to install fresh water refill stations. As part of this project all Ainslie students from Kindergarten to year 6 received a refillable drink bottle. This initiative encourages students to drink  tap water frequently and reduces the use of disposable water containers.

photo of water refill station