Positive School Environment

school captains sitting on the ground having a conversation

An essential element of wellbeing is the experience of belonging, of being connected to others in a community, being accepted and valued, and being positively involved and engaged. Students can reach their full educational potential only when they are happy, healthy and safe and when there is a positive school culture to support them. This interdependent relationship between student wellbeing and student learning is fundamental to students positive and successful engagement with their education. Schools should aim to promote the link between wellbeing and learning in every aspect of their curriculum, school culture and environment.

Ainslie School is committed to providing a positive school culture by:

  • The Leadership Team having a vision for a strategic whole-school approach to student safety and wellbeing that includes a focus on prevention as well as management
  • Staff collaboration being facilitated through a leadership approach which empowers staff to initiate and take responsibility for safe school initiatives that focus on both student and teacher wellbeing through a  Professional Learning Community model
  • The school's staff modelling respectful and caring interactions with each other, students and families
  • Leaders understanding their duty of care responsibilities for students and being mindful that an effective and well-executed policy and vision for the prevention and management of harassment and violence is fundamental to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of students in their care
  • The Leadership team and teachers making optimal use of specialist support professionals available within our school and within the wider community.

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