Allergy Awareness

 Ainslie School is committed to ensuring that all students, staff and volunteers in our care are safe and their wellbeing is maintained. Allergies are becoming a more frequent occurrence within our community. Consequently we respond to the needs of those students, staff and volunteers with identified allergies.

Allergic reactions can vary from mild discomfort to severe reactions.  Anaphylaxis is a severe and sudden allergic reaction. Common allergens include but are not limited to nuts, eggs, shellfish, wheat, pollens, dairy products and bee stings.

Current research and advice regarding Allergies and Anaphylaxis indicates that the proactive approach in managing allergies in the environment is to educate our community about the various types and triggers to allergies, and develop safe practices to support community members with allergies.

Ainslie School is a Nut Aware school in response to children suffering severe allergic reactions when in contact with nuts. To minimise the risk of nut contamination in the school area we require that no nuts, peanut butter or nut oil be brought to school. This does not include products that state "may contain traces of nuts". 


preschool child sitting on a climbing frame