Gifted and Talented Programming

The ACT Education Directorate recognises gifted and talented students as having unique educational needs.  The ACT Education Directorate is committed to ensuring that the needs of gifted and talented students are catered for in all ACT government schools in order for children to reach their educational potential.

Gifted and talented students form a diverse group. They come from a variety of backgrounds and exhibit a wide range of personal characteristics that result in their gifts and talents to be expressed in many different ways. As a consequence they can have quite different needs. To cater for this variety and ensure that all students are provided with challenges that match their ability level and learning needs requires programming that includes multiple provisions and allows students to move in and out of gifted programming according to their interests, strengths, and needs.

When we are able to effectively identify gifted students, we are able to:

  • locate the student's domain(s) of giftedness (intellectual, creative, social, perceptual, physical [muscular or motor control])
  • describe the student's level of giftedness (mild, moderate, high, exceptional, profound)
  • describe the student's fields of talent (academic, realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, conventional, games, sports).

The Gifted and Talented Students Policy Flowchart shows key steps and strategies in the ongoing process of identifying and monitoring gifted and talented students.

The vision for Ainslie School is, therefore, an inclusive model in which gifted education is blended into the whole school program. Gifted programming will include properly planned curriculum differentiation, compaction, extension and enrichment provided both within the regular classroom and through separate small group instruction. This will be complemented by special interest enrichment groups in which topics are explored more in-depth. Students will also be encouraged to participate in a variety of national and local competitions.

Further information is provided on the ACT Education Directorate's website.