Inclusion Support

Ainslie School promotes inclusivity, access, participation and quality educational outcomes for all students.

We believe it is important to consider that:

  • many students with a disability are able to achieve educational standards commensurate with their peers
  • not all students with a disability will require adjustments to the curriculum, instruction or environment
  • not all students requiring adjustments to the curriculum, instruction or environment will have a disability
  • students with disability requiring adjustments to one aspect of their learning may not require the same adjustment, if any, to another
  • to comply with the Disability Standards for Education 2005 consultation includes the student and parent as part of the process to personalise learning
  • students with the same disability may not require equivalent adjustments
  • not every student with a disability will require ongoing adjustments
  • students with disability may also be gifted and talented and/or speak English as an additional language or dialect

Photo of an Ainslie School's Service Dog

In May 2015, Molly Polly joined our school community. Molly Polly is the name given to a very cute Silky Terrier puppy who is a registered Service Dog.
Molly is quite smart, playful and an incredibly happy-go-lucky little dog that loves children, her family and her trainers.
Molly attends Ainslie School every day with Hannah and Olivia in Year 3. You may see her walking to school, in Japanese, library or music lessons, on the playground, walking in the corridors or learning beside the children in class. Welcome to our school Molly!

children lying in a circle