Purpose and Values

photo of the schoolcaptains

What is the purpose (mission) of Ainslie School?

To provide learning that will prepare students to be contributing and respectful members of the community and society.

What are the values (qualities to which we aspire in behaviour and relationships) of Ainslie School?


  • We listen to others 
  • We value diversity  
  • We treat others nicely  
  • We are kind to ourselves  
  • We are responsible 
  • We are non-judgmental
  • We talk positively to others


  • We try our best  
  • We think positively 
  • We use our time well  
  • We concentrate  
  • We keep trying 
  • We use clear and effective communication 


  • We look after others  
  • We are welcoming of others  
  • We cooperate 
  • We contribute to the school  
  • We have fun 
  • We stand up for others 
  • We look after property 
  • We follow the rules 
  • We share with others  
  • We follow traditions 
  • We congratulate others on their achievements