Vision and Graduate Profile

children lying in the hall

What is the Vision (image of the desired future state) for Ainslie School?

Our students:

  • Have a positive approach to learning
  • Are literate, numerate and use technology effectively
  • Are happy, cooperative, caring, friendly and safe
  • Are confident, respectful and socially responsible
  • Feel pride in and belonging to their school

Our teachers:

  • Demonstrate effective teaching practice
  • Undertake Professional Learning and collaborate to improve
  • Are inclusive and welcoming
  • Differentiate the curriculum

Our School:

  • Is an important part of the community
  • Is welcoming
  • Is a fun place to learn and play
  • Has excellent resources and facilities
  • Engages in sustainable practices
  • Communicates effectively
  • Values diversity
  • Is nurturing and supportive

Graduate Profile

'Students will be academically, socially and emotionally prepared for high school and later life'.

Ainslie School students leave the school:

  • Respecting themselves and others 
  • Literate and numerate
  • ready for high schools
  • With good self-esteem 
  • Responsible for their choices 
  • Resilient
  • Kind 
  • With a love of learning 
  • Able to think critically 
  • Driven to achieve 
  • Connected to their community 
  • Socially capable
  • Positive