Specialist teachers and staff at Ainslie School

At Ainslie School specialist and support staff work together with classroom teachers to deliver high quality education services.

Deputy Principal and Early Childhood Team LeaderSophie Bissell
Japanese language and culture Mel Cummins
Librarian,  Year 2 Teacher Anney Medhurst
Executive Teacher, Year 1/2 team leaderAnne Westerman
Executive Teacher,Year 3/4 team leader

Greg Taylor

Executive Teacher,Year 5/6 team leader

Greg Taylor

Music SpecialistJess Copeman
Specialist Literacy and EALD intervention teacher Dawn-Maree Dunn
Learning Support Assistant Harry Muir, Sam Pighin, Seb Halm, Naomh Barrie, 
Karen Power
Business ManagerJo Maybury
Administration supportSharon Davis, Sarah Sparks, Sarah Morris
Building Services OfficerPaul Wilcott
School psychologist providing school counselling servicesAnnette Gloeckler