Specialist teachers and staff at Ainslie School

a photo of a boy's writing bookchild and teacher reading

At Ainslie School, we have many 'behind the scenes' specialist teachers and staff that work together with classroom teachers to develop a balanced and engaging curriculum program for your children. These staff members either teach or lead specialist curriculum areas, are part of a team that provides early intervention and inclusion support, or are part of the business management and maintenance team who ensure the smooth running of the school.

Music teacher, Voices musical director, Year 6 band, special performing arts events Jess Copeman
Japanese language and culture Mel Cummins
Teacher Librarian,  Specialist teacher team leader, Student intervention program Anney Medhurst
Early Childhood Team Leader, Year 5 band teacher, Voices, Teaching and Learning Leadership, Pedagogical leadership, Learning Technologies and Social Media, The Arts, student wellbeing and behaviour support, Inclusion Support coordinator, DECO, RTI leader, Preschool support Sophie Bissell
Music teacher, preschool support and educational leadership Wendy Cave
Year 2 team leader, classroom teacher and student wellbeing and behaviour support Anne Westerman
Year 3/4 team leader, student wellbeing and behaviour support

Greg Taylor

Year 5/6 team leader, classroom teacher and student wellbeing behaviour support Sarah-Jane Brown     
Literacy and Numeracy teacher coaching and leadership, Numeracy coordinator, Gifted and Talented Education Greg Taylor
Specialist Literacy and EALD intervention teacher - Dyslexia specialist Dawn-Maree Dunn
Learning Support Assistant Harry Muir /Sam Pighin
Learning Support Assistant - specialist speech and language intervention Karen Power
Learning Support Assistant - Student Wellbeing Behaviour Support Seb Halm
Front office and workload reduction staff member Sarah Sparks
Front office staff member, finance officer, Sharon Davis
Front office staff member, finance officer, Enrolments Officer Morgan Galbraith-Hamilton
Business Manager Jo Maybury
School psychologist providing school counselling services Rebecca Pashley
Building Services Officer Paul Wilcott