Welcome to Year 1 at Ainslie School

Photo of a child's writing in year 1Photo of year 1 classroom decorationsphoto of year 1 reading area

In 2018, our Year 1 team comprises of 3 classes:


Junior Team Leader

Anne Westerman

1CS classroom teacher- Main Building

Clair Shute

1IS classroom teacher- Main building

Isobel Short

1/2DW classroom teacher – East Wing

Cathy Dee/Ann Westerman

Your child begins year 1 with familiar faces and routines.

At Ainslie, all year 1 classes implement elements of the Walker Learning Approach on most mornings, which has been specifically and rigourously designed and researched to ensure that explicit teaching and learning is retained alongside directed and scaffolded investigations. During these investigations, students are engaged in hands-on learning, where children's interests are used as the predominant means for learning experiences alongside explicit teaching of skills and understandings in literacy, numeracy and other academic and cognitive areas. Teachers provoke each child's learning.

Useful resources for Parents and Carers

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