Welcome to Year 6 at Ainslie School

Photo of a child's charcoal artworkPhoto of spelling strategies used in year 6 classroomsPhoto of year 6 student's pencil drawing

In 2019, year 6 comprises of 3 classes


Senior Team leader

Greg Taylor

6M Main Buidling

Laurence Mandapat

6B Main Building

Faith Bentley
6MM Main BuildingMichael McDougall

Year 6 is the final year of primary school and an exciting time as students can take a leadership role in our school. We work together with high schools to assist our Year 6 students to have a successful start to high school.

Year 6 students at Ainslie School focus on building towards becoming independent learners. They are encouraged to take ownership of their school and home learning and are given opportunities to apply their knowledge in different forms. They are given leadership opportunities as year 6 leaders of the school. These include assisting with the running and coordination of sports carnivals, multi-aged activities across the school and volunteering in the school canteen.

Curriculum Achievement Standards for year 6 in English and Mathematics (word 23.9 KB)
Curriculum Achievement Standards for year 6 in English and Mathematics (pdf icon 62.9 KB)

Fun learning Links for students

Reading Eggs/Reading Express (school logon required)

Wacky Web Tales

Learning and interest links for students

Preparing for high school

Our local high schools are Campbell High and Lyneham High.

Below are some helpful youtube links made by NSW public Schools about starting high school.

Starting High School Video

This is a youtube clip of NSW public school students explaining what to expect in the first days of high school. It was published on November 27, 2013.

Link to youtube video - Starting High School

How to have a great year at High School Video

This is a short and helpful youtube video that has great tips on making friends, getting organised, planning assignments and studying at high school.

Link to youtube video - How to have a great year at high school