Temporary Operations

How Ainslie is operating during COVID-19

We are working together through extraordinary times. The ACT Education Directorate and our own school here at Ainslie are learning to navigate what the coming weeks and months mean for how we deliver education services. What is most important to us is retaining our connection with our community.

We are also still very much looking towards the future, so if you want to get in touch about enrolling your child at the school, please do.

We are working with supervised sites to support families at this time.

The team and where you’ll find them


Working from the Office most days.


Working from the Office most days.


Working from home, except for Thursday and Friday when Sarah is in the Office


Working from home, making sure the work we do behind the scenes still gets done.

COVID-19 Response

If you do visit we are practicing physical distancing by keeping a distance of 1.5 meters away from people. Thank you for practicing this too.

More information about our Government response and protocols.