YouTube Resources

How do you illustrate a procedural text? And How can you borrow a book from the Goodwin library?
How to create a procedural text and borrow a book from the library
How do you paint fruit using complementary opposite colours? And how do you make fruit salad?
Open studio with Naomi and Ari - painting fruit and making fruit salad
How can you make prints out of flowers?
Open Studio with Naomi - making flower stamps
What is tone in colour and music?
Open Studio with Jess and Naomi
How do you make a colour wheel and  say the names  of the colours in Japanese?
Open Studio with Naomi and Sensei Mel - colours in Japanese
How do you make a zine and a Dada poem?
Open Studio with Naomi - Make a zine and a Dada poem
How to make cardboard attachments?
Open Studio with Naomi -  Cardboard Construction Techniques
How to make brushes out of anything!
Mark making  - make your own brushes