Changes for Terms 3 and 4, 2022

We congratulate Dr Naomi Zouwer on her selection to work within the University of Canberra's Teacher Education program as Education Lecturer for semester 2, 2022. This creates an opportunity to share practice and programs we have established during the past 3 years, as we influence the next generation of professional educators.  We look forward to providing Naomi’s students of Initial Teacher Education with rich and rewarding site based experiences at Ainslie School. Naomi’s secondment will support our ever strengthening connection with the University of Canberra.  As an Affiliate School, we enjoy working with researchers and have opportunities to contribute to the design of innovative models of Initial Teacher Education.

Naomi will return in January 2023 to continue the CIR program, until then, she remains closely connected to Ainslie School.

About the Creative in Residence

The Creative in Residence (CIR) Program enables students and teachers to access the curriculum and showcase learning through the arts (creative arts and humanities) via a dedicated and specialist practitioner that is current and active in their field of practice.

Ainslie School’s current creative in residence, since 2019, is practising visual artist Dr Naomi Zouwer. Naomi has expertise with creative processes and design to improve engagement, collaboration, and learning. Naomi enjoys working on projects with research and cultural institutions, and a wide range of educational organisations (from pre-school to tertiary) in Australia and Finland. Naomi’s projects are designed for (and with) children, teachers, researchers and communities.

Naomi’s approach is grounded in practice-based research, which includes a PhD at the Australian National University, as well as over 20 years in the arts education and museum sectors. Naomi also holds a Graduate Diploma in Education and BA (Visual Arts).

Creative in residence- Naomi

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