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Welcome to Ainslie’s Virtual Front Office

As the semester draws to a close I thank the Ainslie School community for extending continued support of our people, places and programs.  It has been so nice to see families in our classrooms and corridors once more, to celebrate the many successes of our students and engage in planning towards their next steps.

Ainslie’s teachers welcome the opportunity to share context and perspective about each child’s learning.  Parent/ teacher interviews and student led conferences are complementing a simplified Semester 1 report format that families are receiving this year. We know that the quality of learning each child experiences is influenced by the connection between their families and teachers and encourage parents to contact us at any time.

As COVID-19 continues to impact aspects of school operations, purposeful play is as important as ever.   Thoughtfulness, collaboration, research and communication are assets we strengthen in students through playful interaction every day. Our focus on problem solving through inquiry supports young people to know what to do when they don’t know what to do.  I congratulate our students on the self and social management they have shown when working across cohorts and with less familiar people during the term.

Wishing staff, students, families and friends a joyful term break.  Stay safe and warm!

Wendy Cave


How Learning Works

What Learning at Ainslie School involves is:

  • daily routines
  • time for formal learning
  • an abundance of play

and we all have a role:

learning works

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