Goodwin Library


Ainslie School was the first of two schools in the ACT purposely built around the school library as the hub in 1938. Since then it has undergone significant refurbishment in keeping with it's original charm and decor.

The Goodwin Heritage Library, as the name suggests, is heritage listed in the ACT and along with the main school building and many of the older trees, is considered a national treasure worth preserving.

The library nowadays houses a substantial and significant collection of quality children's literature, reference material, teaching resources and learning spaces. This is central to the calibre of education students receive at Ainslie School and is supported by a team of highly qualified teachers.

Students use the library facilities throughout the week where they are immersed in children's literature, engaged in modern research inquiries using a variety of written and electronic resources and use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) purposely and creatively. In fact, it is usual that most students attend the library on a daily basis for a variety of purposes such as part of a private study, group activities, class activities and for browsing the selection during break times.

The library has a vibrant, buzzing and welcoming environment and is used by both the children and teachers.

How to borrow an e-book

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