Our Traditions

Traditions are important at Ainslie School. They give our students a sense of 'belonging' to a unique school with an important role in the history of our nation's capital.

The meaning of the school logo and information on the Architects who designed Ainslie school can be found on our interesting facts page.

School Houses

The School named its four Houses in honour of people who contributed so much to the early development of the School and its activities. House captains are elected each year by students. The many sporting activities throughout the school year are organised around the four School Houses.

Gillard - dark blue

Mrs Gillard was a member of an early P & C Association.

Rupert-Smith - red

Mr Smith was the Principal of the School between 1929 and 1935.

Goodwin - light blue

Colonel Goodwin was President of an early P & C Association. He was also founder of the Goodwin Homes, a centre for elderly people.

Griffith - gold

Mr Griffith was the first Post Master in Canberra

School Badge

The School Badge was drawn in its present form by Mr E. Smith from a design by Mr R Harris, who was Principal between 1936 and 1944.

Ainslie school logo

School Motto

Altiora Conde Templa

This was adopted and translated into Latin from a poem The Chambered Nautilus - Build thee more stately mansions, O my Soul, and was read by Mr K. Cunningham at the opening of the Primary School.

Loosely translated it refers to building ever higher temples and its meaning for us is that we continually strive to improve upon what we are doing, in the pursuit of excellence.

School Song

The Altiora

Our school it bears the old and honoured name
Of one who was a sturdy pioneer
Who well upheld the right and earned his fame
For valiant deeds and skill in tasks severe
Altiora, Altiora, Altiora

We dearly love this second home our school
A consecrated place, for here we learn
In work and play to make the golden rule
Our pattern true, wherever we may turn
Altiora, Altiora, Altiora

The School Song was written by Mr C.S. Daley, Assistant Secretary, Department of the Interior, who had extensive associations with the School from its inception. At the opening ceremony of the School the pupils sang 'Advance Australia Fair' as the national flag was raised. The same anthem has been sung at all subsequent School Assemblies.

School Contemplation

This is our school, let peace dwell here
Let the school be full of contentment
Let love abide here
Love of one another, love of people
Love of life itself
Let us remember that as many hands build a house
So many hearts make a school

School Pledge

I shall pass through this world but once
Any good deed, therefore, that I can do
Or any kindness that I can show
Let me do it now
Let me not put it off nor neglect it
for I shall not pass this way again
Altiora Conde Templa