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Crazy Camel Artworks

Posted on 01 Sep 2014

Photo of student artwork printed on calendars and diaries

Students have been busy creating a masterpiece which families can buy printed on calendars, cards, notebooks, diaries and iPhone covers. Students have also designed a range of celebration artworks available for purchase by families. These items can be viewed as part of the ordering process.  Items make great gifts especially for Christmas and Birthdays... as well as beautiful keepsakes.

To Order go to http://goo.gl/KTxGix and follow the instructions. Please find further information about this activity on the Ainslie School's P&C website page.

Down the Garden Path - Sunday 21st September

Posted on 25 Aug 2014

Photo of a flyer advertising Ainslie School's Down the Garden Path event in September

Ainslie School's annual fundraiser, Down The Garden Path, is a self-guided walk through Ainslie to discover new and old gardens. This rain, hail or shine event will be held on Sunday 21st September from 11am to 3pm.

Pre-purchase tickets ($5.00 for adults and children free -includes information booklet and guide map) can be purchased from Ainslie School from the 15th September or purchase on the day at the 'pop up park' edged by Cowper and Cox streets Ainslie. Last tickets will be issued at 2pm. This year’s Down the Garden Path will start at the pocket park edged by Cowper and Cox streets Ainslie and do a circuit that encompasses our beloved Ainslie Shops. As well as viewing somemagnificent gardens, at the event there will also be a coffee cart, ACT Heritage talks, suburban chicken keeping materclass, an old bus, plant stalls, cake stalls, BBQ, suburban bee keeping display, busking, light rail display and a Nutbush flash mob!

Principal's Welcome...

Photo of the principal of the school

Ainslie School was founded in 1927, the second Canberra school after Telopea Park, and it is rich with history and tradition. Enrolment in the school is a first step on the pathway to a quality public education in the inner north which includes Campbell High School and Dickson College for students living in our Priority Enrolment Area.

Ainslie School teachers are members of an effective Professional Learning Community (PLC) the characteristics of which include a focus on learning, a collaborative culture and a results orientation. The main purpose of our school is learning, for students and staff.

Teachers work collaboratively in teams to answer the four key questions that guide an effective PLC:

  • What do we want our students to know, understand and be able to do?
  • How will we know when they have learned it?
  • How do we respond when they don't learn?
  • How do we enrich and extend the learning when they already know it?

The quality of teaching is the most important factor in student learning and our improvement efforts are concentrated on being better teachers. The curriculum, which includes the released areas of the Australian Curriculum and the ACT Every Chance to Learn Framework, is delivered through explicit teaching and integrated inquiry. The Walker Learning Approach is a feature of the Early Childhood years. In our preschools, Reid and Ainslie Baker Gardens, the national Early Years Learning Framework informs learning programs and a comprehensive orientation program prepares students for Kindergarten.

The Ainslie School community is active, supportive and diverse with students coming from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Almost a quarter of our students speak one of thirty-six first languages and have English as Another Language and/or Dialect (EALD). The largest language groups are Vietnamese, Mandarin, Mongolian and Nepali. They bring valuable perspectives to enrich our culture.

Our Japanese program is highly regarded and is made more effective by our access to the Japanese Teacher's Assistant Program which involves our hosting a native Japanese speaker for most of the year. The music program has been enriched by years of association with the ANU School of Music, which is obvious in school assemblies and during special events in the quality of the singing and band performances.

Parents and Carers of Ainslie students are vitally interested in the education of their children and keen to be involved in the school. Many contribute their expertise to enrich the teaching and learning programs and time to support the school and its students.

Students at Ainslie live core values of Respect, Excellence and Community and have articulated their wish for the school to prepare them for high school and later life. Their commitment to social equity is demonstrated by their willingness to donate money, effort or time to help others.

Ainslie is a very welcoming school full of passionate and skilful teachers, enthusiastic students and involved parents and carers. I feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to teach here.

Kate Chapman, Principal of Ainslie School

Meet the 2014 School Captains 

Photo of school captains 2014

 (L- R)  Milo, Ted,  Alison and Emma

school captains sitting on the ground having a conversation

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